App Download Campaign

Twitter is where things happen, so we focused on getting people to download the app and use it to follow the series and subjects they already care about. Newfangled Studios took the social platform's branding and gave it texture and dimension, making it clear that the news people crave is always available to them with a quick check of the app.

An Affinity for Strategy

The best way to cast a wide net was to be specific. We worked with Twitter to identify a handful of affinities that brought in a broad, diverse audience, and then we wrote, cast, shot and composited five different videos to hit each sweet spot.

Wall-to-Wall VFX

Transporting viewers from a busy city street to the scrolling tweets in the Twitter App required a little movie magic. We built an actual wall covered with hundreds of Twitter-blue posters for the talent to walk in front of, and then recreated it in post to give us a seamless integration between the two worlds.