Feel the OO

The insight driving this live-action spot was simple: people who try on OOFOS shoes end up buying them because they are so damn comfortable. So we built a sensory story around our actor, showing how OOFOS prepares her for her next workout.


On social, we kept to best practices including tight shots on the product, intimate close ups with our hero actress, and big bold typography for sound-off applications.

Campaign Photography


Project Pink

When Oofos Marketing Director Duncan Finigan received her life-changing breast cancer diagnosis, her partners at the recovery shoe brand rallied around her with support. In her honor, they launced Project Pink, which donated a percentage of all sales to the Dana Farber Cancer Institute.

Oofos gave us the humbling task of working with Duncan to create a short documentary-style video that showcased the important contributions OOFOS has made to cancer research and how customers can help the cause. Sadly, Duncan passed away only weeks after filming with her, but her legacy of courage and determination lives on at OOFOS.


To bring the "OO" moment to life, we created a visual effect that stimulated the way OOFOS helps you recharge and remove stress from your body. The development, shoot days and post-production took some long hours, but it helped the creative process to spend all that time in the most comfortable shoes ever. You know... for research.

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