YouTube Play More

Social Campaign

YouTube asked Newfangled Studios to help transform transactional users (i.e. ones that only log on to search for 'how to' content or product reviews) into daily active users who see YouTube as a constant source of entertainment and discovery.

An affinity for content

For millions of digital video viewers, YouTube isn’t just a search engine, but a destination for FUN. So Newfangled built the campaign around the phrase PLAY MORE. Leaning into top affinities like Home Decor and Fashion, we built this content-forward concept to lean into the shared meaning of the word play, reinforcing the platform as a place to experience moments of joy.

The Playlist

Since the goal was to attract viewers to spend more time on YouTube, we engaged popular YouTubers across the Home Decor and Fashion verticals to build content-forward playlists. These served as destinations for our ads and helped ensure viewers would land on content they loved.

Where it all plays

This campaign was spread across different social feeds, stories, reels, and static banners. The sense of content-driven fun needed to come through in every ad, no matter where it appeared. In addition to adhering to platform best practices, each ad needed to ‘feel’ YouTubey, and feature authentic creator content above all else.