Brand Anthem

Google’s CreativeWorks team asked Newfangled to help them create an audio-visual “World of Love” that would serve as YouTube’s manifesto at the 2022 Cannes International Festival of Creativity. With the freedom to capture scenes and stories that were heavy on joy and light on branding, we built a piece demonstrating how people adore the content they find on YouTube, and watched our client unveil it as their keynote on the biggest stage.

All of Us

There was no way to show the full spectrum of passions, perspectives and pursuits without a truly diverse cast to reflect all that love. Going beyond traditional casting approaches, we cast a wider net to discover different talents and energy, and then turned all the individuals loose to be their authentic selves.

Make it Feel Big...
And Personal

We needed epic scope and authentic moments, tied together in a look that was cinematic and flexible. Pools of rainbow-colored light revealing art-directed scenes in a darkened soundstage became the motif that allowed us to seamlessly move from place to place, passion to passion.

Beyond the Scenes

In a black, limbo studio space, there is no “behind” the scenes, but we did capture candids of just how immersive this shoot was. Newfangled’s own team went beyond and jumped into the fun on both sides of the camera, getting our hands (and other parts) dirty, all in the name of love for what we do.