Integrated TV & Social

Staples took a digital-first approach to their Back-to-school campaign this year. We not only needed to capture the spirit and excitement of back to school shopping (with an emphasis on value) but also make it work in placements ranging from TV to TikTok.

A TV spot that works without sound

We built the spot to be versatile so it would work just as well on Hulu as it would work in a sound-off environment like programmatic. Just look at that natural branding.

Sound-first creative for TikTok

What can you do with a bunch of school supplies, a microphone and an iPhone? Make this TikTok and the sound of the entire campaign. Ok, fine, maybe we used more than an iPhone.

Scroll-stopping animations for social

For bustling feeds like Meta we crafted social graphics that were not only attention grabbing and delivered the key message before anyone could scroll away.

Behind The Scenes