Back to School Campaign

Staples helps millions of students get excited and ready for what’s next. Newfangled Studios has worked with Staples for more than a decade, but in 2022 we were invited to pitch strategy and creative for their biggest season, with digital and social video at the center of the campaign. The results were thirty-three unique assets - for retail stores and - spread across different platforms, all of them truly forward-thinking!

Game On. Platform Forward.

With a rallying cry of “Go Forward to School,” every kid in this campaign had to be in constant motion, so we looked to video games for inspiration; from side-scrollers to mobile games.

A+ for AR

By thinking social first, we were able to partner with Snapchat and deliver Staples’ first-ever AR lens for the platform. This gamified feature invited parents and kids alike to claim the newest products and trends with just a tilt of the head.

Green-screens and pre-teens

The vibrant world was all created from scratch by our team of designers and animators, but the talented and diverse group of kids we found were very real. By shooting in a flexible, greenscreen environment full of seamless backgrounds and padded platforms, we could turn the kids loose to run, roll, flip and fly, giving us countless options in post.