Our Capabilities


Creative Direction & Strategy

We believe in creating work that looks great and performs even better. That’s why we blend data-driven science and insightful relevance into the creative process from the very start. We take the time to get to know your brand and align it with a video strategy that will captivate your audience. The results dazzle eyes and crush KPIs on any platform.


Live Action Production & Post

Our in-house producers, directors, and editors pay attention to all the little details that make your video more effective. We’ll take you seamlessly through casting, locations, wardrobe and crew to the perfect editing, sound design & finishing.


Illustration & Motion Graphics

Bringing your brand to life through character, motion, color and style is in our DNA. Our in-house designers, illustrators and animators aren’t just artists. They are savvy about getting the most out of the platform where these graphics appear, blending native elements and bold motion to capture attention in the best way.

Our North Star

There’s a push and a pull in every collaboration, but some things are always true. We believe in creating stunning, stirring content we can all be proud of, but it must achieve business results. We believe in pushing boundaries and unlocking growth in every opportunity, but never at the expense of authenticity, respect or inclusivity. We are here to build things: successes, innovations and relationships. These pillars are the foundation that makes all of those possible. That’s why these points appear in our logo and show up in every engagement with Newfangled Studios.