Google Pixel

Digital Video Campaign

When Google launched their highly anticipated Pixel 6, Newfangled was tasked with creating a social-first video campaign. With a combination of smart strategy, a bit of scrappy production, and a whole lot of collaboration - we saw huge results including over 150MM views on TikTok alone.

Collaborators > Influencers

The downfall of most influencer campaigns is that they tend to be off-brand, with zero messaging consistency across creators. We avoided the pitfalls by collaborating closely with creators while maintaining control of the messaging and branding. The stories were authentic and ownable, but the the assets were still on brand.


Jamaad is a Muslim basketball player and advocate for empowering young women to follow their passions. Her moves on the court are the perfect backdrop to show off the motion mode photography features.


Smithley and his friends ride bikes through the city, taking photos and creating content along the way. Being away from a charger all day, he is the right person to test out the all day battery.


Bri is a model & disability advocate living in NYC, making content that embodies her style and perspectives. For her, battery life that adapts to whether she’s shopping in the city or shooting a video series at home is a game changer.


Alex Wong started dancing when he was seven and never stopped. He’s famous for turning the streets of New York into his stage, and with the magic eraser, he doesn’t have to worry about anything stealing the spotlight.


Sarah and Carlo are newlyweds with a penchant for pranking each other. But since they come from two different worlds with two different languages, live translate is the wedding gift that keeps on giving.


Vloggers Armani and Nick are a charming couple who make gorgeous food content. They were the perfect duo to show why magic eraser is their five-star solution when something unappetizing sneaks into frame.

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