Google - Chrome

Integrated Social Campaign

Google needed a social first global brand campaign that motivated iOS users to actively download and use Chrome. To show authentic use cases for three key features of the browser, we needed authentic talent. Newfangled worked closely with popular creators from TikTok and Instagram to build content that felt true to their lives and similar to what they post themselves.

A Custom Approach for Each Platform

This campaign was spread across several social platforms, each with its own unique requirements, but also expectations for the content itself. Ideas that could blow up on one app might be an instant-skip on another. Overall, we knew we couldn't just resize everything. This gave us the opportunity to script and shoot a fully realized brand campaign that fit the spirit of each platform.(grid of different final deliverables)




Cultural Inclusion

About 13% of the US population are native Spanish speakers and 23% of Canadians primarily speak French. To reflect that cultural landscape of both regions, we worked with bilingual creators and cultural consultants to produce versions of each ad in English and their native languages, and ensure the narratives, use cases, and dialogue were authentic expressions of who they are.

Behind the Scenes