Explainer and Social Ads

If the term "Dynamic Multi Cloud" feels highly technical and hard to grasp to you, you’re not alone. That’s why Dynatrace was looking for a new, artfully rendered explainer to describe what makes their platform special. As their branding evolved, we worked with their new look and messaging, taking all that science and making it into hard-working art.

Motion and Music

There was no way to show the full spectrum of passions, perspectives and pursuits without a truly diverse cast to reflect all that love. Going beyond traditional casting approaches, we cast a wider net to discover different talents and energy, and then turned all the individuals loose to be their authentic selves.

The Long and Short of It

While the original scope of the project was a long-form explainer that would live on Dynatrace’s home page, the final result was so strong, our clients returned for 15-and-30-second cutdowns in various sizes so they could use the work to generate leads across socials. That meant infusing some best-practices for sound-down and pacing the animation to draw attention right away.