Boston Celtics

Social Content

The Boston Celtics have enough NBA titles – 17 and counting– and Hall of Famers in their lore to fill their social feeds for years. But when they partnered with custom-printing brand Vistaprint to highlight some of the biggest, most pivotal plays in franchise history, they needed a creative team that could add something to these moments. That’s where Newfangled Studios stepped in with the assist, designing and animating over the footage to turn each play into a dynamic expression of emotion and excellence.


We had the iconic palette and brand elements to work with, but knowing that the players and the footage quality would vary from decade to decade, our visual team experimented a lot. This included multiple typography treatments to emphasize key moments and different animation techniques applied to stills or drawn over entire sequences.


The results speak for themselves, including over a half-million organic views on Instagram and Facebook.

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