Digital video campaign

Asics tapped Newfangled Studios to create commercial and branded content across social, OTT and YouTube. The goal of all the content was to generate app downloads and highlight new features.


The idea was to show a runner so immersed in a guided workout that it seems like the coach is actually on the run with him. This was a live-action shoot that required visual effects in post to not only make it feel like the coach was digitally present, but to also feature the app's UI as much as possible. Our knowledge of app campaign best practices helped us design ways for the audience to fully understand the benefits and functionality.

Branded Documentary

In addition to the commercial, we also produced a brand-level content series featuring inspiring runners who use the app for training called Runkeeper Journeys.

After researching each subject and outlining their stories, we took a small and agile crew to film in Virginia and England respectively. In addition to the long-form campaign, we also developed lower-funnel assets for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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