Data-Inspired Video Creative

Great creative is a must-have for any agency or studio, but effective creative is what drives results for brands. Sounds simple, but it’s what sets Newfangled Studios apart.

70% of the success of a campaign is based on creative effectiveness.

Our best ideas are pressure-tested and built through our own years of creative experience, but then filtered through something even more objective and powerful. Newfangled Studios looks at every piece through the lens of the latest best practices; we’re constantly exchanging ideas, insights and innovations with partners to get smarter in real time.

We Can Optimize Your Existing Creative

  • Front-load the story arc
  • Show branding upfront
  • Super-size & simplify text
  • Focus tightly on people & products
  • Increase contrast and brightness
  • Create both sound on & off versions
  • Add voice over & mention the brand
  • Pace stories swiftly
  • Create 16x9, 1x1, and 9x16 versions