Timex #taketime Campaign

The Challenge:

Almighty came to us with a vision for a Timex campaign centered around real people and what taking time means to them. Our first challenge was to find individuals who had a genuine connection with the Timex brand. After searching, selecting, and getting to know our talents, the second challenge was to capture their connection to the brand in a way that was truly authentic to them.

The Solution:

Simply put: getting to know our talents was the solution. From our off camera convos, we had a very clear idea of how best to represent what taking time meant to them. We filmed in the midst of their day-to-day grind to make it authentic as possible, while also taking a few creative liberties to deliver the cinematic look Almighty and Timex expected.


Fun Facts:

  • We travelled to Manhattan, Brooklyn and Candia, NH to film
  • Many of the cars in Clarke Taylor’s video are originals from the 1920’s and 30’s
  • We converted an open Airbnb loft into a dining room and a bedroom