The Challenge:

StudentUniverse was looking to produce a commercial that will differentiate them from other travel booking sites. They wanted to go beyond the classic “backpacker type” travel commercial and feature the authentic high-energy, inspired student traveler. The video needed to catch the already fleeting attention of fast-paced students in the city; a difficult task in and of itself.

The Solution:

Our solution was simple. When we travel, we are suddenly surrounded by new and inspiring things. We wanted to evoke the excitement and vividness of travel by focusing on color and light. Doing this gave the video the excitement and life StudentUniverse was looking for. We chose a variety of ways to show color and light, both naturally and artistically. In order to keep up with our targeted travelers, the commercial also had to be as fast-paced as they are. The combination of international locations, exciting lifestyles, and high energy gave the commercial a unique twist on student traveling.

Fun Facts:

  • We travelled to Prague, Paris, Iceland, and Boston.
  • We only had one month to turn the commercial around, visiting four locations in only three weeks!
  • The commercial is featured in MBTA train stations.